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Sage Vantage Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Outfit - 9' - 5 line weight - 4 piece

The Greatest Fly Fishing Around the World: Trout, Salmon, and Saltwater Fishing on the World's Most Beautiful Waters

The Greatest Fly Fishing Around the World: Trout, Salmon, and Saltwater Fishing on the World's Most Beautiful Waters

Experience many favored angling spots the world over through the lens and prose of the sport's well-known enthusiasts.

The Orvis Ultimate Book of Fly Fishing: Secrets from the Orvis Experts -
The visual elements of color photos of fishermen, flies, and fishes, and detailed illustrations of fly-fishing techniques discussed in many of the 34 chapters by expert fly fishermen make this fishing manual particularly informative as well as attractive. The four-page detailed Index in smaller print is another reason for the manual's particular relevance and usefulness for fishermen. The contents and writing evidence that the editor and the several authors know their prospective readers. With their identification with them, editor and authors know the challenges and questions on fly fishermen's minds, and also understand the allure and satisfactions of this sport.

How to Fly-Fish - Fly fishing has a reputation for being complex and difficult, and it can be both fascinating and intimidating to newcomers. This book covers the basic essentials of what you need to get started and then, when you're ready to take on more, shows you how to explore further. Soon-to-be fly fishers will find this a useful introduction. Includes information on rods, reels, lines, leaders, knots, flies, waders, and other equipment you'll need to start fly fishing.


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Fly Fishing Basics ''Hooked on Fly Fishing'' Video - VHS

Fly Fishing Basics ''Hooked on Fly Fishing'' Video - VHS

This fishing video is the perfect head start for anyone interested in fly fishing, as well as a great way to brush up on your skills. Casting, knots, and many useful fishing techniques are all here. 60 minutes.

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Try these How To and Where too books.

Fly Fishing Patterns and information on Fly Tying

Places to fish and the Fly Fishing Knots to tie when you get there.

Fly Fishing ''Fly Tying Basics'' Instructional Video - DVD

Fly Fishing ''Fly Tying Basics'' Instructional Video - DVD

Packed with information from the top names in fly fishing. Key topics include basic techniques, knot-tying and more.

Dubbing Wax for Fly Tying Dubbing Wax for Fly Tying

This fly tying dubbing wax is an easy-to-use formula with enough tack to handle a full range of fibers, from fine to coarse.

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 Sneak Peak at "Some Guys Catch All the Fish"
A Book on Nymph Fishing

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