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Whether you are learning about the patient yet rewarding act of fishing, or you proudly call yourself a fisherman among peers – you must have stumbled across a fishing book that you might want to read until the very end. The books about fishing or fishing adventures take you to a tranquil world of fishing where you have adventures and rewards. What is better than learning about old fishing stories with the hope of making some new ones of your own.

One way to find out if a fishing book is worth the read is to actually be finishing it up. But why wait until the last page to check if it is a good book and waste your money and time, when we have read them all (well, a majority of the great ones) and have come up with the best books on fishing adventures.

Here we go.

The Greatest Fishing Stories Ever Told: Twenty-Eight Unforgettable Fishing Tales

The Greatest Fishing Stories Ever Told Twenty-Eight Unforgettable Fishing Tales Editor Lamar Underwood compiled 28 most remarkable fishing tales and presented them in a paperback masterpiece – The Greatest Fishing Stories Ever Told.

The name does justice to the title of the book that creates a bond between nature and people, and all its 336 pages will keep you glued. It is indeed a collection of personal memories of some of the most renowned names in the fishing sport, such as Zane Grey, A.J. McClane, and Ernie Schwiebert – to name a few. Learn how these master fishermen caught tuna, bass, trout, marlin, bluefish, etc. while going on an adventurous fishing spree.

The book and each story it features will take you back to the time when you went to a river or beach with a fishing rod – or will inspire you to go for a big catch. Available for $15.91 in paperback, The Greatest Fishing Stories Ever Told is worth every cent.

Fishing Stories (Everyman’s Library Pocket Classics Series)

Fishing Stories (Everyman’s Library Pocket Classics Series) You do not have to be a fisherman to enjoy this collection of interesting fishing tales. The Fishing Stories does not just have a pretty hardcover, the stories inside will ensure you do not put down the book until you finish reading it.

Each story brings a different and captivating writing style, which keeps the reader interested and wanting more. The editor Henry Hughes, who is a professor of English at the Western Oregon University, brings out different flavors of the fishing world. Some stories have a humorous touch, some shed light on the human bonding when one is outside with a fish rod (such as Jimmy Carter’s “Fishing with My Daddy”, Guy de Maupassant’s “Two Friends”, and Ernest Hemingway’s “The Garden of Eden”, etc.), some focus on adventure and enthusiasm (for instance, Zane Grey’s “The First Thousand-Pounder”), while many capture admiration (like Ronald Pertwee’s “The River God”).

Available for $18.90 in hardcover, the Fishing Stories (Everyman’s Pocket Classics) comprises of 384 pages.

Incredible – and True! Fishing Stories

Incredible – and True! Fishing Stories Do you know what is better than reading fishing stories? Reading true fishing experiences that are more than mere stories – these experiences are not just remarkable and worth-telling, they are enjoyed as much by the reader as by the fisherman.

The author Shaun Morey is a fisherman and a journalist, and in this book “Incredible and True Fishing Stories”, he relives the most adventurous fishing times of his life as well as of other adventurous fishermen, and takes the reader with him while he does so.

He shares with the readers the incident about the 37-hour record breaking wrestling of Bob Ploeger with a Pacific Salmon; when Billy Sandifer caught a one-thousand pound Tiger Shark and later released it after taking a tooth from it as a souvenir; and not to mention Matt Watson’s jump from the helicopter only to fall on the back of a Marlin.

With astonishingly true fishing stories covering 224 pages and available in paperback for just $10.54, the “Incredible and True Fishing Stories” is a must-read.

Ultimate Fishing Adventures: 100 Extraordinary Fishing Experiences From Around the World (Ultimate Adventures)

Ultimate Fishing Adventures 100 Extraordinary Fishing Experiences From Around the World (Ultimate Adventures) Author Henry Gilbey takes you around the world visiting 100 different locations and hence covering hundreds of finishing adventures. Whether it is some secret river in Africa, or deep waters in Australia, fishing sport in the US, or the art of fishing in Europe – this book takes you on a voyage where you learn all about different types of fishing in different kinds of waters.

The Ultimate Adventures book is a great way to learn, inspire, educate, and excite yourself about the fishing world. Don’t be surprised if you finish off those 208 pages in a quick read – the book is captivating even for those who don’t know much about the fishing sport.

The Ultimate Fishing Adventures: 100 Extraordinary Fishing Experiences from Around the World is available for $10.23 at Kindle and $24.95 in a paperback edition.


Reading about fishing adventures not only brings back the priceless time you spent with a fishing rod, but it is also a great way for non-fishermen to know more about fish and the water. If you are into fishing, you will love these books and the adventures they take you to. After all, what is better than to relive the fishing adventures by the most famous fishermen when you are away from the water?

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