What are the Best Children’s Books about Fishing?

For children, there is nothing better than an interesting fishing tale with colorful illustrations to spend a lazy evening. You can read the book with your child or your child may be old enough to enjoy the book on his/ her own. If you love fishing and want to pass on your love for this sport to your children, there is nothing better than gifting them with some of the well-written fishing tales. They will relate those books to the moments they spent outdoors fishing with you.

Top 10 Children’s Books about Fishing

If you are looking for the best children’s books about fishing, look no further. Here are our top 10 books that are highly recommended for your children.

The Pout-Pout Fish Goes to School

The Pout-Pout Fish Goes to SchoolThis book is based on The New York Times bestseller Pout-Pout Fish series. Written by Deborah Diesen and illustrated by Dan Hanna, the book is about the young Mr. Fish who is quite apprehensive about his first day of school. He fears that since he does not know how to draw shapes or do the math, or even how to write his name, he would get a hard time at school. But he then learns that it is perfectly normal and that’s what schools are for – for teaching younger ones to write stuff they do not know how to. The book is a great way of teaching kids not to be scared of school – and that it is a place to learn and have fun.

The Pout-Pout Fish Goes to School is available in many different versions. You can get it on Kindle for $8.02, as an audio CD for $17.49, in paperback for $10.77, in hardcover for $11.37, and a board book for $6.64.

The Rainbow Fish

The Rainbow FishThe Rainbow Fish is a modern classic and the winner of many awards and titles including the Wall Street Journal Bestseller, number one Publishers Weekly Bestseller, American Booksellers Abby Award, Christopher Award, and the winner of Bologna Book Fair as well as of IRA-CBC Children’s Choice.
What makes it an international bestseller is how it appeals to the younger masses as it is about sharing and caring. The book has eye-catching foil stamps that shimmer on every page that your child turns to. What especially makes this storybook different is the simple yet effective message that it conveys to the children – the book is about a beautiful fish who shares his most prized possessions to make friends.

The book is authored by Marcus Pfister who is also the illustrator of this attractive book. It is available in paperback edition for $7.35, hardcover for $12.00, and its board book can be purchased for only $7.59.

The Kids’ Book of Fishing

The Kids’ Book of FishingIf you are wondering how to introduce the wonderful world of fishing to your kids without scaring them away with all the technical details, give them this book and you will be surprised by how easy it gets for your kids to learn and love the sport.

The Kids’ Book of Fishing will teach your child the basics of fishing is the most easiest and fun way. Your child will learn how to tie knots, judge the depth of the water, choose the right kind of tackle and bait, attach a boober when to know that you have finally got your hands on the fish and what do you about it.

The book not only provides children with the knowledge, but to make things even more exciting, the book comes with a 30 feet monofilament line, three hooks, three sinkers, one plummet weight, one snap swivel, and a red and white bobber. And if that’s not enough, your kid gets his/ her own plastic tackle box.

The book is written by Michael J. Rosen where the author provides the children with fun facts and activities to enjoy while fishing. The book is available in paperback for $49.73.

The Berenstain Bears: Gone Fishin’! (I Can Read Level 1)

The Berenstain Bears Gone Fishin I Can Read Level 1This cute book is not only for fish-lovers but for all kinds of new learners who are learning to sound out words and make sentences. The book is about the papa bear and his children as they all go fishing. Papa got a shiny new fishing gear that he wants to catch his fish with, but brother, sister, and Honey have their own ways to try fishing. The kids go for bamboo poles and bent pins. Can their simple tools be able to catch some fish? You (and your kid) can only know once he/ she reads the book.

The Berenstain Bears: Gone Fishin’ is an “I Can Read – Level 1” book. Your younger one will not only enjoy the story but will love to make sentences. The author and illustrator Mike Berenstain has done a wonderful job with the story as well as the pictures. You can get a paperback edition for your child for $0.99, hardcover for $5.64, and Kindle version for $4.29.

Fishing with Grandma

Fishing with Grandma Grandma knows everything, and fishing is no exception! The book by Susan Avingaq and Maren Vsetula is about a grandma’s trip with her two grandchildren to the lake. The grandma prepares them for the fishing trip and teaches them all about jigging in the ice for fish – from what clothes the kids need to wear out in the cold when they go for ice fishing, to how to drill the holes in the ice and clear them for fishing. And like all grandmas around the world, this grandma also loves to feed her grandkids with yummy food – she prepares and feeds them with the delicious catch and equip them with all the skills they need for their next fishing adventure.

Fishing with Grandma is beautifully illustrated by Charlene Chua and its paperback edition is available for $9.29.

Gone Fishing: A novel in verse

Gone Fishing A novel in verseA kid’s poetic novel is a great way to keep your kid entertained in the rhyming words and the story they hold. The author Tamera Will Wissinger and illustrator Mathew Cordell presents a beautiful poetic story about a 9-year-old boy who loved to go fishing with his father. But like all boys who enjoy a good father-son bond, he also does not want to share his adventure with his naughty sibling – his sister Lucy.

As the siblings go out fishing with their dad, the trip gets interesting and exciting with dramatic and humorous twists in the plot. The beautiful poetic sentences make this book even more enjoyable, especially for aspiring young poets.

Gone Fishing: A novel in verse is a book for kids but can be enjoyed by people of all ages. You can get your paperback version for 1.40, hardcover for $8.60, and Kindle version for $5.46.


Hooked tommy greenwald Author Tommy Greenwald tells a story of a small boy Joe who loved to go fishing. But his dad did not! All the things that Joe loved about fishing were the exact reasons his dad detested the hobby. Joe loved watching the calm water, the peaceful sky, and dreaming about catching his big one while waiting for any fish to be caught! On the other hand, Joe’s dad considered this hobby a waste of time. He did not like the long wait which normally ended in not catching any fish. And if that was not enough, his dad did not like dealing with the worms or any process or gear involved in fishing.

Once on a school fishing trip, Joe’s dad had to accompany Joe and that is when the dad realized that fishing is not just about catching a big one. It is about the father-son bonding, and all the memories you make while you wait for the fish. When his dad talked to Joe while calmly waiting for the fish, exchanged jokes, and shared hot chocolate, that’s when he realized he is getting hooked to fishing – just like his son!

With beautiful illustrations by David McPhail, you can get your hardcover for $10.44 and a Kindle version for $9.76.

Curious George Goes Fishing

Curious George Goes Fishing After the successful Curious George Flies a Kite, the classic Curious George series returns with Curious George Goes Fishing. The author Margret Rey and illustrator H. A. Rey are at their best in the amusing book where George tries his best to catch a fish. The things he does and how he does them – you need to get your copy to find out!

The 24-pages book is available in paperback for $35.00, library binding for $8.98, a board book for $6.29, and Kindle edition for 5.46.

Down by the River: A Family Fly Fishing Story

Down by the River A Family Fly Fishing Story This beautiful book is about family, fishing, and the fun times you get when you combine these two. Authored by Andrew Weiner and beautifully illustrated by April Chu, the story is about a lovely autumn day when Art goes on a fishing trip with his mom and grandpa.

Art enjoyed learning about fishing and especially loved hearing Grandpa’s fishing stories. But this time when grandpa tells him about how Art’s mom when she was a kid, caught a huge fish on her first trip – Art started feeling insecure about his fishing abilities. But then he catches a big brown trout and gets reassurance that he can get a great catch. The day ends with him promising his mom and grandpa that he will continue this lovely tradition of fishing and will even take his grandkids out on fishing trips.

Your child can enjoy this book at Kindle for $9.60, and in hardcover for $12.79.

Lana’s World: Let’s Go Fishing! (Green Light Readers Level 2)

Lana's World Lets Go Fishing! (Green Light Readers Level 2)Author Erica Silverman and illustrator Jess Golden present a colorful and beautiful story about a little girl Lana in the book Lana’s World: Let’s Go Fishing!

Lana tries everything to convince her family to go fishing, but her mama, papa, Ray, and Jay – no one was interested and continued to stay busy. Even her dog Furry was not excited about her fishing idea! But that did not let Lana forget about her fishing trip – she created her world of fishing adventures. How she does that and what happens after that, you (and your kid) needs to read the super-interesting book!

It is a great book especially for your preschooler until grade 3. You can get your Kindle version for $3.94, paperback for $4.99, and hardcover for $15.48.


You can enjoy these children’s fishing books with your kids. Most of them are simple enough for young children to read, and the illustrations will keep them glued even after many reads and re-reads. Gift them to your kids and develop a good reading habit, and a long-lasting love for fishing!

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