Which are the Best Fishing Books for Kids?

Kids have inquisitive little minds who love to discover nature. Kids also love to fish, so if you introduce it as a hobby when they are young, it not only develops a great bond between you and your kids, it also teaches them the value of patience and hard work. After all, there is nothing better than to go home with your catch and put it on the table for the whole family to enjoy.

Top 10 Fishing Books for Kids

The best way to instill the love for fishing in your children is to introduce them with it at a young age, and there is nothing better than a good fishing book for kids to do that for you. Here are our top 10 fishing books that your child (and even you) will love.

My Fishing Journal

My Fishing Journal This can be your child’s first fishing journal for recording his/ her fishing experiences, notes, and stories. The book by Kids Journals is an interesting idea that instills the love for sea and nature along with the child’s bond with you. Your child is asked to record each trip’s location, weather, and temperature details, along with other important facts like “My catch today was…”, “My fishing notes”, “The lure I used today was…”, etc.

Available for $7.20 in paperback, this 102-paged journal can be a great gift and will keep a long list of memories fresh for many fishing trips to come.

Kids Gone Fishin’

Kids Gone Fishin Freshwater Angler The book Kids Gone Fishin’: The Young Angler’s Guide to Catching More and Bigger Fish is full of helpful charts and pictures that guide the kids what they have caught, and what lures they need to catch what they want. It also provides you with a North American map specifying what types of fish are available in different types of water, and once you catch a fish, your child can compare it with the pictures in his/ her book to know all about that fish.

The book is written by Dave Maas and has 96 pages and each page contributes to the fun your child is going to get on his/ her next fishing adventure. And it is not just about fun, the book is also generously sprinkled with little known facts about fish, so while your kids are having fun looking into the book, they learn a lot of facts about fishing and fish. The paperback edition of Kids Gone Fishin’ is available for $17.99.

OutdoorIQ: Ultimate Fishing Guide – Just for Kids!

OutdoorIQ Ultimate Fishing Guide Just If you are looking for the ultimate fishing guide for kids, this one not only has the name, but it also has the right kind of pages which are filled with fishing facts and knowledge – in an easy-peasy way! Your child will learn all about tying the basic knots, ice fishing basics, and the fishing gear you will need, managing your tackle box, identifying the catch, tips and tricks on fishing, and a lot of other fishing stuff.

In the 84 colorful pages of this book written by Dave D. Shellhaas and Steve A. Shellhaas, your child will learn how to fish like you! Get your child’s paperback edition for only $18.87.

H Is for Hook: A Fishing Alphabet

Hook Fishing Alphabet Sports What is as much entertaining as actually catching your fish when you are a kid (or you have one)? The answer is, learning about them in a super interesting way so the next time that a fish tries to escape, it ends up at your family’s dinner table. The author Judy Young along with illustrator Gary Palmer has presented this interesting and eye-catching book for those who are small in size (children), but have a huge inquisitive brain!

In this book H is for Hook: A Fishing Alphabet, the fishing expert and author Judy Young discusses topics such as how and where to fish, the equipment you will need, how to clean and fillet the fish once you catch it, and finally cooking it. Your child is also given a journal to save his/ her fishing notes and experiences. If your child is into fishing but is not a fan of reading books, this book (available for $16.45 in paperback and $11.07 at Kindle) is going to change his/ her mind for good.

Fishing Log: A Kids Fishing Log

Fishing Log Kids Fishing Log is a beautiful book by author Alice M. Cantrell. It does not only have an attractive cover, but the fishing log inside is very simple to be used by kids. The kids can make important journal entries about each fishing trip – the date, time, location, weather, wind, and lunar phase, etc. Not only that, but they will also be writing about the bait or lures used in their fishing trip, the fishing knots, whether they got a fish and what kind of fish did they get, and important notes about the fish and fishing!

At the back of each log page, your child can draw a picture of the catch or paste a photograph of it. However, make sure your child uses a pencil or a color pencil, otherwise, the colors from the pen or markers can bleed through the pages. The 110 pages of this paperback edition cost only $8.95, and your child will love this fishing log.

Freshwater Fishing for Kids

Freshwater Fishing Kids Great Outdoors Freshwater fishing can be a great hobby for kids that can teach them a lot of things about the sport as well as about how life and nature work. This book is by Melanie Ann Howard who has been writing for kids for the past 10 years. This book can be a great learning experience for kids who are from grade 3 to grade 9. The 32 pages of this book are full of hands-on knowledge about freshwater fishing for kids. Children will learn about the history of freshwater fishing, the equipment needed for it, how to stay safe while doing so, and the techniques that can land you a big catch.

It is available in paperback for $3.48, library binding at $28.65, and on Kindle for $6.34.

DK Eyewitness Books: Fish

DK Eyewitness Books Discover Amazing The DK Eyewitness Books presents Fish by author Steve Parker that helps children discover the amazing world of fish – their evolution, how they live and survive, and their super interesting habits. The text is supported by pictures and your child will learn interesting and exciting facts about these marine creatures.

Topics like how a fish looked like around 400 million years ago, fish having legs, what are growth rings on a fish scale, how a porcupine fish puffs up, how do the lethal jaws of a piranha look like, how does a stingray sting, why fish need water to breathe, why certain fish swim upside down, how does a dogfish swim, and so many other topics are covered in this book.

With its hardcover for $12.41 and paperback for $17.85, this 72-pages book is as interesting for the kids as it is for their parents!

Fishing for Kids: A Complete Guide

Fishing Kids Complete Guide Pages If you want to equip your child with the basics of fishing, the most interesting and entertaining way is to get him/ her this book by Tony R. Smith. The book sheds light on facts, tips, and tricks about how to catch a fish when you are a kid – what kind of gear and tackle you will need, and all about the reels and baits required to catch different types of fish. With 104 interesting pages on catching a fish, and eventually cooking one, your kid is definitely going to love fishing as well as this book.

Fishing for Kids: A Complete Guide is available in paperback for $9.99, and at Kindle for $4.53.

We’re Going Freshwater Fishing

Were Going Freshwater Fishing Hunting If you grew up in a family who loved fishing, you may relate to the excitement the phrase “We’re Going Freshwater Fishing” brings to kids. That is exactly why author Andrea Palmer chose to write an interesting book with this title. For most of the kids, freshwater fishing is the first kind of angling they experience. If your kid has never been out to fish before, this book could be the perfect way to introduce him/ her to the game.

In the 32 pages of this book, children learn about different equipment as well as techniques used for fishing. Colorful pictures along with helpful captions and fact boxes keep your child glued to the book and learn a lot about freshwater fishing.

This book is available in paperback for $10 and $26.25 in library binding.

Basic Fishing: A Beginner’s Guide

Basic Fishing Beginners Wade Bourne Author Wade Bourne came up with this interesting guide about fishing for younger minds. Bourne’s father taught him fishing at a young age, and he wants to introduce fishing into the lives of kids with his step-by-step guide. Equipped with diagrams, the book tells you how to catch a (guaranteed) fish, what are the different types of equipment you may need or hear of, how to select lures, bait, and tackle, how to find a good spot to fish, how to ensure safety while fishing, how to clean your fish, and finally how to cook your well-deserved catch.

Whether you want your kid to grow up to be a great fisherman, or only want to make it a hobby, this book spans over 224 pages of fun and interesting ways to learn all the basic stuff you need to know about fishing and get a big catch. The book is available at Kindle for $9.81, in hardcover for $37.84, and in paperback edition for $8.87.


What you learn at a young age, stays with you forever. For this reason, there is nothing better to gift your kid(s) with some of the best fishing books for kids listed above. Your child will not only have a good time reading the book and filling the journal, but will learn a lot of interesting things, and before you know it, you will have a fine fisherman at home!

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